Terms and Conditions

Real estate in Spain

We provide all legal services for the purpose of transferring ownership of real estate at the relevant cadastral office, including all services related to this transfer. These services are already included in the price of the property. Our services do not include fiscal representation!

Fiscal representation:

For the purposes of Laws Nos 18 and 19/1991 of 6 June, appoint a tax representative or appoint a representative in Spain when purchasing real estate, if the buyer is not a tax resident in Spain. He has the right to appear before any public or private office, delegation of finance, authorities and state authorities. Submit tax returns, settlements and additional documentation required by tax regulations and also meet the requirements of the state administration in order to correct errors made during the presentation of the declaration. Represent before any authority, body or administration public or private with the possibility to request, submit and collect all related documentation, etc.

The fiscal representative must be appointed no later than 14 days before the notarial record is signed. Otherwise, you will be automatically assigned the law firm Oscar Torre Sarmiento, C / San Tarsicio 18-3 F, 03187 Los Montesinos, Torrevieja,

tel: +34 619770927

Taxes and notary fees are not included in the property price.


  1. This is the purchase of second-hand real estate and new buildings.
  2. You must bring a valid passport or ID and 2 ID photos (to complete the necessary formalities).
  3. to book a property.
  4. You will need to arrive for at least three days. This time is needed for a property inspection, contract, etc.
  5. The date of your arrival in Spain must be notified to our real estate agency at least 7 days in advance so that we can pay 100% for you.
    On the second trip to Spain to complete the purchase, you will need at least 2 days to make a notarial deed and other acts associated with the purchase of real estate. (In this case, our real estate agency offers you the option of granting a power of attorney before a notary at the first visit, so that it can represent you at the notary registration.)
  6. When using a mortgage loan, you can get 50 to 60% of the property price, usually the interest rate is between 4-6% and the bank fee for settling the mortgage is around 1% of the total loan amount. In the actual legal security of the purchase of the property, the main person is the Spanish notary public, who is responsible for the entire transaction between the buyer and the seller and ensures that it complies with Spanish law.
  7. Expenses associated with the purchase of real estate generally depend on the price of the transaction and normally reach approximately 13-14% of the purchase price.
  8. Property transfer tax:
  9. (applies to the purchase of so-called second-hand property) 10% goes to real estate tax (fixed rate in the autonomous regions of Valencia) and about 3-4% to notary fees.